How to Keep Your Storage Unit Damage-Free

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Even the most secure storage units can be susceptible to humidity and pests. Nothing damages valuable art or comic book collections quite like humidity and mildew. Likewise, pests can eat through clothing and wires to electronics, damaging them irreparably. Luckily, there are several precautions that can be taken to avoid these problems.

Moths, rodents, ants, termites, and even birds can find sneaky ways to infiltrate your storage unit. They can eat at belongings, defecate around the unit, and may even die within the space to create an unpleasant and unsanitary environment. Pest control sprays may offer a quick fix to the problem; however there are extra securities you can take.

Placing dryer sheets in the corners of boxes and the unit will serve the dual purpose of deterring pests and making the storage space smell fresh. Canvas drop clothes can also be laid down prior to moving boxes into the storage space. This provides an extra layer through which the pests must exceed in order to gain access to your belongings. Also, if storing a vacuum cleaner, ensure the bag is removed or emptied before placing in the storage unit. Leftover food or crumbs in the bag will attract pests.

A climate controlled unit is best for avoiding humidity damage. If you do not have this luxury, it is wise to avoid cardboard boxes that may retain and fold under the presence of humidity. Instead, plastic bins with air-tight lids offer plenty of protection to your belongings. Otherwise, the internet site of Mopac Self Storage urges individuals to avoid plastic inside of storage units as it is more likely to lock in moisture. The age old trick of charcoal in a saucepan will also help to remove humidity in the air and keep it from damaging your possessions. Ventilation is also vital to keeping humidity from forming. Placing boxes on wooden pallets allows air to move and filter through the unit.

While not all problems are foreseeable, reasonable precautions against common storage unit problems should be taken when possible. If your possessions are worth being stored, they are worth being protected.

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Commutations in Delaware

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Injury in the workplace can occur, especially in inherently hazardous industries such as construction and oil, but even those not in the field can be a victim. In general, they can get financial assistance without having to prove fault for work-related injuries with their workers’ compensation insurance.

There are seven benefits that an employee is generally entitled to under workers’ compensation in Delaware. These are:

  • Medical treatment
  • Temporary total disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Permanent impairment

Funds will be forthcoming for an injured worker from one or several of these sources. In most cases, the funds are release on a periodic basis as the benefits accrue (“pay as you go”). For example, mileage reimbursement benefits of 40 cents are given for every mile that an injured worker travels for doctor visits, so a claimant needs to log the mileage and submit it for payment.

On the other hand, there are benefits that are paid out in one go, such as for scarring and disfigurement and permanent impairment. This is usually after all the hullaballoo has died down and the injured worker has attained “maximum medical improvement.”

However, the insurer may offer or the claimant or the employer can choose to settle a claim in full or in part in one lump sum rather than as an ongoing monthly payment. This is referred to as commutation and may apply for disability benefits for lost wages or medical expense benefits. The claimant may apply for or be offered Full Commutation or Partial Commutation.

The biggest advantage of commutation is the worker gets a large amount at one time. The tricky part is not getting short-changed in the process. As pointed out on the website of Delaware commutation law firm Morris James LLP, the size of the settlement may seem attractive but considering that it means giving up any rights to future payments, the claimant could be at the losing end in the long run if the injury is more serious or lasts longer than anticipated, or there is an unforeseen development.

Before committing to a commutation, consultations with the doctor and an experienced commutations lawyer are in order. The doctor will be able to advise the patient about the probable outcome of the injury, while the lawyer will evaluate whether the settlement offer is fair given the circumstances.

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Benefits of Freight Factoring

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Freight factoring is often regarded as a last resort to scare up funds a small trucking business with cash flow problems needs to keep its head above water. This definitely the most common scenario for many freight factoring clients but a bail out is not the only thing that it provides.


When you get your cash from selling your invoice to a freight factoring company, you can do whatever you want with it: pay debts, buy new equipment, invest in marketing, expand the business, etc.


As long as you have an invoice from a qualified client (meaning good credit rating or included in the pre-approved list) you can get your money within 24 to 48 hours after submitting it to the factoring company. Most factoring companies will even accommodate you on weekends and the best ones will provide you with a free fuel card in which the funds can be loaded, as described on the TBS Factoring website.


Most factoring companies will charge reasonable rates for the service and the risks they take on. Some will charge as little as 1.5% to as much as 5%, but you have to be careful that there are no hidden costs. A reputable factoring company will provide a list of additional fees over and above the factoring fee so that you know where you’re at. In most cases, the total amount you will get is between 90% and 95% of the face value of the invoice.


When you don’t have to worry about cash flow and other administrative headaches, you can concentrate more on running the trucking side of your business. Freight factoring can help you afford good people to handle various aspects of your business so that you become more efficient which in turn makes you more profitable.

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Personal Injury in All Its Forms

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It is important to remember that personal injury is not necessarily just physical damage. There are many people who are so emotionally or mentally traumatized by an event that they are unable to function normally even after their physical injuries have long healed.

It is easy for people to dismiss the impact of “emotional distress” or “pain and suffering” resulting from a tortious (wrongful) act by a third party on a victim’s life because they have never experienced it. Some may even suspect that it is merely an attempt to increase compensation in civil litigation, and that these non-physical effects are mostly imaginary.  The fact is emotional and psychological damage are much more difficult to treat and overcome than physical injuries.

According to Hach & Rose, LLP, those who suffer injury from the negligent acts of others have a right to sue for compensation for lost wages, medical bills, as well as other losses consequent to a traumatic event. A broken arm from a car accident heals much faster than overcoming the fear of getting into a car, or loss of sleep from recurrent nightmares about the event. Some people suffer deep depression from the loss of a loved one as a result of an accident, and are unable to function normally for a long period of time.

The debilitating effects of mental and emotional distress often translate to loss of livelihood for both injury victims and survivors of wrongful death. As the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. points out, sudden traumatic events have long-term effects on the victims and their families that will only be overcome with time, and often requires financial support in the meantime. This is on top of any physical incapacity that may also result, so hospital, medical, and related costs must also be considered.

Personal injury is characterized by trauma. Victims are left feeling helpless because the event was brought on by the negligent or careless actions of a third party which they are powerless to prevent. There is nothing more traumatic than the loss of control. If you or a close family member has suffered injury or death because of negligence, it is time to take back control. Consult with a personal injury lawyer in the area to protect the legal rights of the victims and to get full compensation for all the damage, physical or otherwise, that has been done.

Being a victim of personal injury is a traumatic event. For more information on your personal injury case, contact the McDonough personal injury lawyers at this link:

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Protecting Yourself against Online Predators

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The Internet is a world-wide medium: an easy way to communicate and meet new friends, but despite its accessibility and convenience it has been a den for online predators looking for their victims online. Because of the anonymity that the Internet provides, it can be hard to determine who the person you or your children are talking to, and could potentially be taking advantage of you.

The dangers of internet sex crimes affect anyone of any economic, age, ethnic, religious, or social group. Anyone can be a predator or a victim: it can be very hard to determine people when they are offline. Social networking sites are the mainly the go-to sites for sex offenders and online predators if they want to know more information about a person, therefore online safety is something that should be seriously considered. It may be difficult to determine precisely who an online predator is, but here are some things that could raise alarms:

  • They fake their identity to lure victims into believing they share same interests.
  • Generally internet-savvy and knows the internet lingo to appear friendly.
  • Try to appear trusting at the beginning, often searching for those who are emotionally sensitive.
  • When the victim seems more trusting, they can start to become more provocative

Although recent studies show that online predators are steering away from the conventional ways of provoking victims: it may take just about two minutes for the conversations to become sexualized, according to a study from the European Online Grooming Project. There is a strong presence of young people online, and many of them do not consider the real danger of the internet. Protecting yourself against such predators could mean proper information and education about such dangers, and how to properly set your computer with the highest privacy settings possible.

It is also vitally important for individuals to be aware of these laws in the event that they are falsely accused of internet sex crimes. With the popularity television programs designed to shame and ambush internet predators, some police may become overzealous in their attempts to capture potential sex offenders and instead arrest the innocent. Being careful in online chats can help protect you from unfairly facing these serious charges.

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The Importance of Getting the Money You Are Owed from an Insurance Claim

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Insurance is supposed to provide one with a safety net in case of a natural calamity such as hurricanes, floods, fire, or for an adverse event such as theft. These are things that are almost impossible to plan for, and property damage or loss usually ensues.

Much of the damage that a property sustains requires extensive repairs and costs that a typical home or business owner will not be able to pay without serious consequences to their financial situation. The same applies for theft, where a business may need to replace lost inventory or simple to repair damaged equipment and property. This can lead to dire financial straits, perhaps even bankruptcy, especially for business owners. It is therefore important to get the full sum of money as stipulated in the insurance policy to avoid these financial difficulties. In order to do that, an insurance claim must be made properly and in a timely manner in accordance with established procedures.

Insurance companies do not make it easy to make a claim, whether it is for residential or commercial property for flood, storm, fire or theft. Their purpose is not to help policy holders but to make money from the premiums they are paid, so insurers would like to keep claim payouts to a minimum.

An article on the website of Smith Kendall PLLC, the skilled claim preparation attorneys point out that insurance claims have to be prepared and filed in a timely manner in order to prevent disputes, denials, or underpayments. Policy holders who have no idea what they need to do can easily be discouraged by the claims procedure, and often settle for less than what they are entitled to just to get it over with. Others are at a loss when their claims are denied, and many are not aware that they can and should appeal a denial of a legitimate claim.

When making a theft or property damage insurance claim, it often pays dividends to have a claims preparation professional do the job. It will save time, and ensures that the claim is paid in full as stipulated under the terms of the policy.

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Health Benefits of Dog Walking for Your Pet

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People like dogs because they are generally friendly, goofy and good companions, and having one as a pet is a good way to relieve stress after a hard day at work. However, all pets need a lot of care and attention, and one of the things dogs in particular need to keep healthy and be happy is regular walks.

Dogs are not built to sit idly by; many breeds are genetically primed for considerable outdoor activity, and denying them the opportunity to exercise regularly can make them fat, sickly, and bad-tempered. Even lap dogs should not be allowed to get obese or they will fall prey to liver disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, constipation, and heart problems.

Aside from physical health, a cooped up dog will become shy, insecure, fearful, bad-tempered, aggressive, or easily excitable. If you have ever watched the popular dog behavior show on television, you will know that most problematic dogs have an excess of energy and lack of the right kind of attention. Most dogs that are kept indoors all the time are prone to destructive behavior because they are bored and have nothing better to do. They indulge their propensity for digging, chewing, and chasing other animals inside the house which can be highly aggravating, not to mention expensive when it comes to that rare rug or antique furniture.

According to the Walk! ATX website, each dog need to be exercised at least twice a day at an intensity matching their age, energy level and breed. Some dogs are happy with just short walks because they are small, so half-hour walks are usually plenty. Other dogs, especially the big ones, need a full-out run to expend excess energy so that they can be calm and secure when they are at home. A good bout of exercise will also keep the dog healthy, limber and agile.

It is a sad fact that many pet owners don’t always have the time to give their pets a really good run on a regular basis. On occasions that the pet owner is not available for the daily walk, it may be necessary to engage the services of a professional dog walker in the area. It would be worth the extra expense to have a healthy and happy dog that a pet owner can come home to.

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Working with a Safety Net: Workers’ Compensation

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Most people take their workers’ compensation insurance for granted, but it was not so long ago that workers that were injured on the job had to sue their employers for compensation, and that only if they could prove the employer was at fault in some way. Nowadays, with workman’s comp mandatory in the U.S., workers who develop injuries or are involved in an accident at work can be assured of compensation without having to prove negligence.

However, making a claim for workers’ compensation is not always easy. According to the website of Robert Wilson & Associates, injured workers may find themselves struggling to get the compensation they deserve. This is mostly because employers would much rather not have an employee make a workers’ comp claim because the more claims made, the higher the insurance premiums go. And since employers are required to pay for workers’ comp insurance, they want to keep the premiums as low as possible. Insurance companies will also do its best to deny a claim as much as possible.

The most commonly denied claims are those involving repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Because it develops slowly over time, and the injury is mostly hidden from view, employers tend to disregard the severity of the condition. While carpal tunnel syndrome has slowly gained acceptance in the medical community as a genuinely debilitating condition, claims for workers’ compensation for this type of condition is still greeted with skepticism.

Workers’ compensation may also be denied if the incident which caused the injury occurred after office hours or outside the business premises, but was sustained in the commission of work-related activity. For these difficult cases, filing a workers’ comp claim can be most effectively done with the assistance of an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in the area.

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Cosmetic Surgery Services

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Cosmetic surgery services is just one part of the medical specialty called plastic surgery. The other part, which comprises the majority what a plastic surgeon does, is reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the esthetic or beautification part of plastic surgery, and is considered an elective procedure in the sense that it does not impact on function. However, the benefits of cosmetic surgery on a person’s self-esteem and confidence, not to mention one’s career in some instances, often makes its as necessary as regaining one’s full range of motion.

One of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures is Botox injections, which essentially erases wrinkles by relaxing the muscles. Wrinkles are formed over time in areas where the skin is habitually creased such as the corner of the eyes when smiling or squinting, or the forehead when it is creased in concentration, worry or anger. Botox (botulinum toxin type-A) is a neurotoxin that in large amounts are fatal to humans. Administered by subcutaneous injection in carefully measured doses, however, it can relax certain muscles in the face that will make it look softer and smoother without surgery. The esthetic effects of Botox last up to 6 months.

Also very popular but requiring a bit more commitment is breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty).  To change the size and shape of the breast, the procedure could involve a saline or silicone implant, or a fat transfer. In either case, the goal is to improve the appearance of the breast so that it is more esthetically pleasing. Women who have undergone mastectomies often get a new lease in life after having their breasts reconstructed post-operatively.

While cosmetic surgery services are in general non-essential, there are certain benefits accruing from carefully considered changes to one’s physical appearance that would pay dividends in the long run. Provided that one does not go overboard with the surgery, and the psychological profile indicates a well-balanced outlook, then cosmetic surgery can do a lot of good.

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